The image shows a crop of golden wheat in the field ready for harvest.

NSF Backs Bioinformatics Approach to Understanding Plant RNA Modifications

CyVerse co-principal investigator Eric Lyons co-leads the team of researchers who will identify RNA modifications and develop resources that may lead to hardier crops.

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The Knowledge of Water: Mapping and Sharing a Nation’s Resource

A hydrology team harnesses software container technology for everything from developing virtual demos for student education to modeling groundwater resources across the United States.

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Refocusing Atmosphere to Support Cloud Native Development

We have refocused the Atmosphere cloud-computing platform to better serve the growing need for container and cloud native development services. Learn what this change means for you.

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Indiana University's Jetstream

National Science Foundation $10M Award to ‘Jetstream 2’ Brings New Opportunities for CyVerse

The cloud infrastructure for science will enhance and expand Jetstream's role in data science training and research with more computational capacity and GPU support for analyses and workflows.

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An interview with CyVerse intern Adrian Bao

Student Spotlight: Adrian Bao

Adrian Bao is a Tucson native and University of Arizona Computer Science student. In addition to his work with CyVerse, Adrian will be doing a virtual internship with Amazon this summer and plans on graduating Fall 2020.

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