The Field Scanner, the world's largest agricultural robot, poised over a row of crops.

Plants, Robots, and Other Interesting Things

A UArizona doctoral student relies upon CyVerse to discover how plants grow in different environmental conditions.

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Collaborate with CyVerse on a Center for Open Environmental Sciences

The NSF recently solicited establishment of a Center for Advancement and Synthesis of Open Environmental Data and Sciences.

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Meet Ryan Bartelme: Digital Agriculture Science Analyst

The newest member of the CyVerse Science Analyst team is a mycologist turned microbiologist turned bioinformatician. He also enjoys cycling, hiking, and rock climbing.

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CyVerse Partners with NSF Convergence Accelerator Award Recipients

CyVerse is working with a UArizona hydrologist and her multi-institutional team to harness machine learning and data science to aid U.S. water managers in decision-making with better information about how groundwater systems behave.

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The 2020 cohort of Data Science Fellows stand together with program leaders in early 2020, before COVID19.

2020 Data Science Fellows Fostered Skills Across UArizona Campus

Undeterred by the year's significant challenges, a group of postdoctoral researchers at CyVerse and UArizona's Data Science Institute prevailed to bring new achievements to a range of research disciplines through a novel fellowship program.

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