Science APIs

CyVerse Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for programmatic access to underlying services and resources.


Agave_logoCyVerse offers programmatic access to our services through multiple APIs. As the foundation for most of the code that powers the Discovery Environment, our Science APIs range from highly-structured, complete APIs of various complexity to minimally documented, ad hoc solutions. With a single point of entry and common features like secure authentication and authorization, CyVerse’s Science APIs help you do science your way.

Terrain is the REST-ful web API that the Discovery Environment uses to perform all of its tasks, including authentication, accessing the Data Store, and connecting tools. TAPIs is an open source, science-as-a-service API platform for powering your digital lab with high-performance computing.

To implement Science APIs, contact our support team to first request clients for available APIs and then register an API client for your account. 

Getting Started

  • Launch JupyterLab in the DE

  • Access CyVerse's programmatic services (authentication, Data Store, VICE apps, DE apps) via Terrain RESTful API

  • Connect with CyVerse's HPC resources via TAPIs (formerly Agave), a science-as-a-service platform to power your digital lab

Key Features

  • Additional functionality for registered external APIs (the single point of orchestration also acts as a workflow engine capable of terabyte-scale file transfers, mediation, and integration of disparate resources running on multiple systems)

  • Available Software Development Kit (SDK) with clear reliable documentation and software libraries for common languages (e.g., Python, R, Java, Perl, etc.)

  • Use APIs for tool integration, resource-intensive analyses, or workflow building