Discovery Environment

A simple web interface for managing, sharing, running, and visualizing your data, analyses, and results. 


DE-iconWith much of its complexity hidden beneath a simple user interface, the Discovery Environment empowers novice users to get their work done simply—no need to master command-line tools or learn new software for each type of analysis. All aspects of your research workflows, including collaboration tasks, are handled easily within the Discovery Environment. And if you do have command-line expertise, you can unlock additional advanced functionality in the Discovery Environment to tailor your research workflows and analyses to do science your way.

Getting Started

Key Features

  • Hundreds of open-source bioinformatics apps available

  • Automatically returns analysis results to your Data Store and notifies you

  • Extensible—add command-line tools or executables, create or edit customized app interfaces and automate workflows by chaining apps together

  • Use hundreds of command-line analytical tools, utility tools, and scripts, without the need to learn the command line.

  • Runs on local or high-performance computing nodes

  • Enables collaborations via sharing data, analyses, workflows, and results