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National Science Foundation $10M Award to 'Jetstream 2' Brings New Opportunities for CyVerse

Indiana University's Jetstream
The cloud infrastructure for science will enhance and expand Jetstream's role in data science training and research with more computational capacity and GPU support for analyses and workflows.

Student Spotlight: Adrian Bao

An interview with CyVerse intern Adrian Bao
Adrian Bao is a Tucson native and University of Arizona Computer Science student. In addition to his work with CyVerse, Adrian will be doing a virtual internship with Amazon this summer and plans on graduating Fall 2020.

Upcoming Events

Plant Biology 2020

Plant Biology 2020

July 27–31, 2020 | Online

Learn about reproducible analyses with Jupyter and R in CyVerse at the upcoming virtual worldwide summit of the American Society of Plant Biologists.

Bioinformatics Community Conference

Bioinformatics Community Conference 2020

July 19–21, 2020 | Online

The first fully online joint meeting will bring together the Galaxy Community Conference and the Bioinformatics Open Source Conference.

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