Free, half-hour long webinars on science and technology topics to help with your research and teaching, with time for live Q & A with the presenter.

Upcoming Webinar Topics This Spring: 

January 28:  Single-Cell RNA-Seq Analysis Using a Seurat-based R App in CyVerse (see listing below)

February 25:  Tech Preview of CACAO: CyVerse's Multi-cloud Orchestration Service for Researchers and Educators (details coming)

March 25: A Python Pipeline for Single-Cell RNA-Seq Analysis (details coming)

April 29: The Data Management and Analysis Core (DMAC): Datasets, Algorithms, and Analysis Capabilities to Support a Superfund Research Program (details coming)


To request a webinar on a specific topic, email us at info@cyverse.org. Video-recordings and other materials are made available on the webinar's webpage after each live event.


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Upcoming Webinars

Source: cells from NIH-image gallery

Webinar: Single-Cell RNA-Seq Analysis Using the Seurat-based R-App in CyVerse

Learn to do single-cell RNA-Seq analysis using a Seurat-based RStudio app in CyVerse!