Proposal Resources

Letters of Collaboration

CyVerse is pleased to provide a letters of collaboration for your proposal. Over the last ten years, approximately 40% of the proposals for which we provide a letter of collaboration have been funded. You can request a letter via email; make sure to include the letter template or text and the funding announcement number.


Text for Proposal Documents

Below are some excerpts that may be helpful when including CyVerse in your proposal. Often, the project's history or capabilities are needed to give reviewers context. Please email us for a copy of our complete Equipment and Facilities statement; we update it regularly as we continue to improve the infrastructure.


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Informational Statement

CyVerse's mission is to design, deploy, and expand a national cyberinfrastructure, and train scientists in its use. CyVerse is an ecosystem of powerful extensible platforms that provide full-path data management: informatics tools, image analyses, cloud services, and resources for reproducibility, automation, and extensibility. CyVerse also provides computational training resources through tutorials, webinars, workshops, and support services.

CyVerse enables researchers to easily work across domains and institutional boundaries. By bringing your own tools, data, and workflows into CyVerse, researchers have a central, secure point where collaborators can access tools and resources. CyVerse is supported by the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the U.S. Department of Energy.


Background Statement

CyVerse was originally created by the National Science Foundation in 2008 with the name iPlant Collaborative to serve U.S. plant science communities. From its inception, iPlant quickly grew into a mature organization, providing powerful resources and offering scientific and technical support services to researchers nationally and internationally. In 2015, iPlant was rebranded as CyVerse to emphasize an expanded mission to serve all life sciences as our cyberinfrastructure is germane to all life sciences disciplines. By democratizing access to supercomputing capabilities, CyVerse provides a crucial resource to enable scientists to find solutions for the future.