Cacao - cloud automation and continuous analysis orchestration
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Cacao helps you use clouds with ease of use, flexibility, and collaboration. Cacao is a multi-cloud orchestration service for researchers and educators that eliminates the complexity of using multiple clouds. By focusing on getting stuff done, Cacao helps transform research and education in a multi-cloud world. Cacao is built and maintained by CyVerse, the NSF research project that created Atmosphere.

Key Features

  • Cacao helps adapt the cloud to fit your needs. Under the hood, your cloud resources are created using pre-defined Hashicorp Terraform templates. If you don’t know Terraform, don’t worry – you don’t need to know Terraform to use Cacao. 

  • You can create your own Openstack Terraform templates if you wish to level-up your Cacao workflow game.

  • Future features in Cacao will include support for AWS/GCP/Azure+Terraform as well as non-Terraform-based templates, such as Kubernetes and Argo templates.

  • Cacao will also allow you to activate your resources when your data or workflow code changes and shutdown your resources after executing your workflow, in a Continuous Analysis way.