Foundational Open Science Skills

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Foundational Open Science Skills 

CyVerse's 8-week virtual workshop teaches you the principles, practices, and how-tos for doing collaborative open science using cutting-edge, open source cyberinfrastructure, in a collaborative, hands-on setting. To see how our FOSS workshop can support your work, check out the curriculum.

September 5 - November 21, 2024

8 weekly virtual sessions on Thursdays; 11 am - 1 pm AZ/Mountain Std Time

Looking for an opportunity to work collaboratively with your peers, level up with the latest open science technologies, or incorporate these approaches into your teaching and research? Then join our next Foundational Open Science Skills (FOSS) workshop!

This 8-week long workshop is designed to kickstart your Open Science career by combining lectures, demos, short breakouts for group work, with hands-on tutorials and homework to reinforce skills, capped off by a group or individual project of your choice to put it all together.

What you'll learn

Through meaningful interactions with colleagues and trainers, and mentoring to help you level up your skills to meet the data science revolution, FOSS builds your research toolbox, your community, and your confidence so that your data-driven research rests upon a solid open science foundation.

  • Use open source tools to manage the full data lifecycle for open science and improved reproducibility
  • Organize your lab, communications, and research with productivity software
  • Connect with colleagues across institutional boundaries and research domains
  • Engage with the community of Open Science practitioners

View our most recent FOSS curriculum (Spring 2024 Workshop) here.

Who should attend

Geared toward faculty, postdocs, and advanced graduate students of all skill levels, FOSS offers hands-on learning to build a solid Open Science foundation for your research and educational projects in a collaborative, supportive atmosphere with peers and project mentors.

Come on your own or as a team. FOSS is geared toward helping PIs and researchers make and implement decisions on computational approaches and tools for running your project, governance policies and data management, version control, collaboration skills and tools, and communications.

Set yourself apart with new technical and virtual collaboration skills that funders, research and educational institutions, and even students now demand. 

What's covered

  • Tools for project management and managing the data lifecycle using FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data principles
  • Introduction to reproducibility tools like container technology to streamline your work and make it more reproducible
  • Code development best practices
  • Interactive collaboration tools such as GitHub/GitHub Pages for version control, research and teaching

Schedule (Final TBD)

Week Topics (view 2024 Spring schedule for example)
1 What is Open Science? Intro and Onboarding 
2 Data Management 
3 Project Management
4 Documentation & Communication
5 Version Control: Git, GitHub and more
6 Reproducibility I: Repeatability
7 Reproducibility II: Containers
8 Individual/Team Capstone Project Showcase

Workshop Tuition

FOSS Tuition $200 (includes 1 year Regular subscription to CyVerse)
FOSS is free for UArizona personnel; please contact to register.

Registration Coming Soon


CyVerse Principal Investigator Nirav Merchant on What is Open Science?


Not sure if FOSS is right for you?

Don't let a lack of command-line or coding skills intimidate you from joining the data science revolution! CyVerse's onboarding resources and a "Week 0 Pre-Session Brush-up on Git and Unix" provide a leg up to help you understand, learn to access, and effectively use the cyberinfrastructure backbone of 21st century science.

Whether you attend to hone your own skills or come with your team to enable achieving a collaborative goal, the capstone project offers hands-on time to apply and reinforce skills you've learned. In learning FOSS principles and practices, opportunities to gain "soft skills" in communications, team-building, goal-setting, collaborative problem identification-solving, and project management are par for the course. 


CyVerse's team of experienced scientific bioinformaticians teach using a small workgroup format, including homework assignments to keep you on track with your research or curriculum development and skills acquisition goals.

“Learning from the FOSS team was an incredible experience...cementing my existing knowledge and gaining new skills/information is going to be invaluable to my research moving forwards. 100% recommend to anyone looking to level up their reproducibility skills.

"The capstone project made me actually feel in control of using the tools I was eager to learn but it was also fairly low stress. I learned a lot from this."

"I will definitely be integrating containers and snakemake into my own workflow as much as I can, and separately, I plan on pushing my collaborators and lab members to get on the reproducibility train as well!"

"I observed the teaching of difficult FOSS principles in plain, jargon-free language that I definitely will try to emulate!"

“I really liked the interactive parts of the workshops and learning from others during discussion sessions."

"The highlight of FOSS for me was the new vision and excitement I got of using cloud-based, open tools for collaboration and organization."

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