Which workshop should you attend?

Container Basics
Cloud Native Camp (formerly Advanced Containers)
What You'll Learn
  • What containers are and their role in reproducible science
  • Find and deploy existing containers using CyVerse VICE (Visual Interactive Compute Environment)
  • Create Docker containers using your own data and/or analyses for reproducible analysis
  • Create your own recipes for containers
  • Set up continuous integration for data events
  • Use HPC and HTC with OpenScienceGrid
  • Use Singularity containers
Is This You?
  • Any researcher seeking to exploit container technology to make their computational analyses easier, more reproducible, and more accessible for Open Science
  • Enjoys a collaborative, innovative environment
  • No experience with container technology needed
  • Researchers wanting to create and maintain their own containers using Kubernetes, as well as deepen their understanding of container builds with GPU acceleration, continuous integration, and Singularity
  • Enjoys a collaborative, innovative environment
  • Experience with container technology
  • Able to use Linux command line, directory structures, shell commands
  • Able to use and run analysis tools from the command line
  • Able to log into and use remote systems
  • Have basic programming experience (language of your choice)
  • All the pre-requisites for Container Basics, plus:
  • Experience with Git/GitHub
  • Experience with DockerHub
  • Experience with High Performance Computing and/or High Throughput Computing with OpenScienceGrid
What's New Creating, building and maintaining Docker images through GitHub An introduction to Kubernetes and container orchestration with Kubernetes using CACAO, CyVerse's new platform for Cloud Automation and Continuous Analysis Orchestration
Format Virtual/Remote Virtual/Remote