CyVerse Professional Services

CyVerse offers a suite of services including installation, maintenance and training for individual institutions. See how it has been done at other institutions like CyVerse Austria. You can access all our open source infrastructure coding and architecture diagrams on GitHub.

Institutional Deployment, Maintenance, and Training

Many parts of the CyVerse infrastructure can be deployed at individual institutions. Institutions choose to do this to strengthen the compute resources, provide flexible data storage, and give constituents a platform on which to perform research, collaborate, and teach courses.

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There are different degrees to which an institution can deploy CyVerse infrastructure, and a typical deployment consists of deploying the CyVerse Data Store, Discovery Environment, and Cloud Native Services. This deployment is on hardware at the institution and includes integration with existing authentication, user identity management, and security systems, and computational, cloud, and data storage resources. Deployments include training for system administrators, developers, researchers/scientists, and educators, and can be customized based on the needs of the institution.

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Technical Support and Maintenance

Institutions often work with CyVerse to keep up-to-date with the CyVerse infrastructure, including software services, technology, security, and user interface updates. In addition, these support level contracts include developer time for specific customizations and feature requests, integration of tools for scientific analyses, integration with new onsite resources (e.g., new HPC systems), and additional training based on emerging needs at the institution.

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Institutions can work with CyVerse to ensure their users make the most of all CyVerse has to offer. These engagements include dedicated support personnel and access to specialized training including system administrator and developer training for monitoring and maintaining the deployment, integrating new computational hardware, and integrating research tools; researcher training for how to manage and collaborate on data and computational analyses, integrate new research tools, and implement best practices for reproducible team science; educator training for how to develop and run courses leveraging these technologies for teaching students and other learners.


CyVerse Professional Services

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