Divers jumping into Colorado River at Yuma, AZ

A Deep Dive into Deep Learning Techniques

CyVerse, TrAC and Jetstream2 launch the first workshop of cloud-based deep learning on NSF XSEDE’s next generation cloud infrastructure.

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Foundational Friendships Lead to Open Ecological Science

A group of researchers met in a CyVerse open science class and created a novel tool for ecologists to analyze microbial datasets.

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Creating Open Access Software for COVID Research

A University of Arizona postdoctoral researcher working remotely in India uses CyVerse to share her software for COVID cellular assays with collaborators and scientists worldwide.

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A photo of the world's largest robotic field scanner over fields in Maricopa County.

Researchers Develop Tools to Listen, Talk to Plants with $25M from NSF

Through a newly established NSF Science and Technology Center, University of Arizona researchers will use digital tools to communicate with plants and develop new crops to support sustainable agriculture.

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Princeton Molecular Biology Course Uses CyVerse to Teach Lab Online

The class normally includes a three-hour science lab for nearly 200 students. When coursework shifted online in 2020, the lecturers turned to CyVerse to host virtual lab sessions.

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