Researchers Go on Offense, Defense in Battle Against Hackers

CyVerse is participating in two National Science Foundation grants totaling $1.5 million that will allow University of Arizona researchers to be more aggressive in the battle against hackers.

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Researchers 'Light Up' the Plant Tree of Life

In the largest plant genome project to date, an international consortium of researchers generated gene sequences from more than 1,100 species, providing a framework for 1 billion years of green plant evolution. The data are available in the CyVerse Data Commons.

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CyVerse ‘Power User’ Joins Boyce Thompson Institute

Andrew Nelson is one of three from among over 100 applicants invited to join the prestigious Boyce Thompson Institute, which touted his bioinformatics expertise, a skill he’s gained through his work with CyVerse.

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Model of Global Insolation

ECSS Program Accelerates XSEDE User's Career in Geoinformatics

CyVerse Science Informatician Tyson Swetnam Discusses Benefits of XSEDE Collaborations

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Meet DataHog, the new app that lets you analyze files stored across multiple sources.

Introducing DataHog: A Novel New App to Analyze Stored Files

The CyVerse Data Store allocates users 100GB of free data storage space, enough to fill roughly 50,000 Stephen King-sized novels. With that much space, it’s easy to lose track of individual files, an old project, or that one script you know you put somewhere – and when you don't know where your data are, it's hard to manage them.

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