CyVerse, Jetstream, and Contact Tracing: A Conversation with Nirav Merchant

CyVerse Co-Principal Investigator Nirav Merchant talks about ongoing research at UArizona's Data Science Institute and the university's efforts in exposure notification for the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Three pictures of Iochroma cyaneum are visible.

Building Novel Genomes for New Study Species

CyVerse collaborators hosted a workshop at this year's virtual Botany 2020 conference to help fellow researchers without genomics experience learn to build novel genomes using CyVerse.

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The 30-ton Field Scanalyzer, the world's largest agricultural robot, bridges a row of green crops as it scans them.

World's Largest Agricultural Robot Could Help Crops Withstand Climate Change

CyVerse co-principal investigator Eric Lyons leads a team of students who use the CyVerse Data Store to process the thousands of images – up to 10 terabytes of data per day – generated by the Field Scanalyzer, the world's largest agricultural robot.

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The image shows a crop of golden wheat in the field ready for harvest.

NSF Backs Bioinformatics Approach to Understanding Plant RNA Modifications

CyVerse co-principal investigator Eric Lyons co-leads the team of researchers who will identify RNA modifications and develop resources that may lead to hardier crops.

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The Knowledge of Water: Mapping and Sharing a Nation’s Resource

A hydrology team harnesses software container technology for everything from developing virtual demos for student education to modeling groundwater resources across the United States.

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