HydroGEN Project Awarded $5M to Model National Water Resources Using Machine Learning

HydroGEN, a UArizona-led project leveraging CyVerse resources and funded by the National Science Foundation's Convergence Accelerator program, will allow researchers to build a national platform for hydrologic forecasting.

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CyVerse Partners with Phoenix Bioinformatics

The funding supplement will assist CyVerse in expanding upon its existing services while continuing to provide researchers and educators with leading data management and analysis tools, resources, and services.

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Study Shows Impacts of Deforestation and Forest Burning on Amazon Biodiversity

A CyVerse-supported project combined extensive species mapping with remote sensing records of deforestation and fire, revealing that the Amazon's biodiversity is extraordinarily vulnerable to changes in forest management and policy enforcement.

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Artwork of roots suspended in space.

Adapting Roots to a Hotter Planet Could Ease Pressure on Food Supply

Supercomputer-powered 3D imaging of root systems to help breeders develop climate change-adapted plants for farmers.

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CyVerse Welcomes New Project Leader Eric Lyons

CyVerse principal investigator Parker Antin is passing the helm to Eric Lyons. Tyson Swetnam also joins the leadership team, taking charge of science and training.

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