Photo courtesy of ResBaz AZ.

UA Campus Comes Together to Celebrate Digital Literacy

Research Bazaar Arizona – an innovative marketplace where researchers, students, educators, and data science enthusiasts can mingle, discuss, learn, share, and co-create on topics from how to code software to research publication – has brought together members of the University of Arizona community for a third year.

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Image credit: Mariah Wall/CyVerse

Research Bazaar Returns to the University of Arizona on May 20–22

Researchers at all levels from all disciplines are encouraged to attend, especially PhD and research master's students. Research technologists and engineers who support researchers to do their job should also come along!

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A simulated image by the Chi-kwan Chan of University of Arizona shows the turbulent plasma in the extreme environment around a supermassive black hole. (Photo credit: University of Arizona.)

CyVerse Community Member and Astrophysicist Helps Lead Event Horizon Telescope Data Processing

A CyVerse collaborator and astrophysicist helps lead data processing efforts for the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) project, an international collaboration aiming to capture the first image of a black hole by integrating eight telescopes to create a planet-sized virtual telescope capable of measuring the boundaries of black holes.

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Mapping missense mutations from dbSNP to 3D structures – just one of numerous options for data mining the worldwide Protein Data Bank. Image courtesy of:

Data Mining 3D Protein Structures, CyVerse Style

CyVerse community member Peter Rose and his team have developed a structural bioinformatics application that provides reproducibility, scalability, and interactivity to efforts to mine the worldwide Protein Data Bank.

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Glenn Moloney (ARDC), Edwin Skidmore (CyVerse), Nirav Merchant (CyVerse), Rhys Francis (Australian eResearch Infrastructure Council), Andrew Lonie (EMBL-ABR), and Frankie Stevens (AARNet) gathered at the University of Arizona to discuss the process of federating CyVerse infrastructure.

Researchers Explore Creation of CyVerse Australia

Data scientists recently visited CyVerse headquarters to discuss federating the CyVerse infrastructure framework to support the Australian research community.

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