Artwork of roots suspended in space.

Adapting Roots to a Hotter Planet Could Ease Pressure on Food Supply

Supercomputer-powered 3D imaging of root systems to help breeders develop climate change-adapted plants for farmers.

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CyVerse Welcomes New Project Leader Eric Lyons

CyVerse principal investigator Parker Antin is passing the helm to Eric Lyons. Tyson Swetnam also joins the leadership team, taking charge of science and training.

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CyVerse Receives $1.3M to Provide Cyberinfrastructure and Training for New NSF Artificial Intelligence Institute

CyVerse will provide computational infrastructure, data science and education to integrate the efforts of other partners of the NSF's new AI Institute for Resilient Agriculture.

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Event Horizon Telescope Pinpoints Heart of the Nearest Radio Galaxy

Researchers used detailed observations – stored and shared in CyVerse – of an enormous jet of glowing gas and dust to pinpoint the supermassive black hole at the center of galaxy Centaurus A.

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From Syrup to CyVerse: Meet Michael Culshaw-Maurer

The newest member of CyVerse's Science and Training team combines his interests in ecology with teaching data science and computational skills. And never misses a canoe trip.

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