Hotter and Drier with a Chance of Extinction: Forecasting Biodiversity with Big Data

With $2.5 Million from the National Science Foundation, a national team of interdisciplinary collaborators aims to harness the power of big data and CyVerse to predict the fate of global biodiversity in light of environmental change.

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The iRODS logo, with a green "i" and grey "RODS" is displayed.

Curating, Discovering and Disseminating HPC Research Elements Using iRODS

The Integrated Rule Oriented Data System (iRODS) is an open source initiative that has been developed to manage data from raw instrument readings through publication, solving the challenges of curation and addressing secure collaboration. CyVerse is a key iRODS use case, supporting collaborations of multi-national scientists and researchers.

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Simulation of M87 black hole showing the motion of plasma as it swirls around the black hole. The bright thin ring that can be seen in blue is the edge of what we call the black hole shadow.

Einstein's Description of Gravity Just Got Much Harder to Beat

UArizona researchers put general relativity to a new test with black hole images. The team relies upon CyVerse to share and manage their simulation data as well as perform some of their analyses.

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The image is a scientific bar graph in red, orange, yellow, and green colors.

A One-Stop Science Shop: Researching, Building Tutorials, and Teaching with CyVerse

Microbial ecologist Elizabeth Suter uses CyVerse as her one-stop shop for her research and teaching, customizing its existing tools to suit her needs.

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A man holds a tuff sample from East Africa's rift valley. Photo by Kevin Krajick/Earth Institute.

An Innovative Cyberinfrastructure Will Create 'The Internet of Samples'

A National Science Foundation award to the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and partner institutions will integrate scientific samples into a digital data ecosystem. CyVerse users will be able to register samples and index their metadata through the CyVerse Data Store.

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