Atmosphere provides easy to use web access to cloud resources and is designed to accommodate computationally and data-intense bioinformatics tasks.

Atmosphere, CyVerse's cloud-computing platform, allows you to launch your own isolated virtual machine (VM) image and software, using compute resources such as CyVerse-provided software suites, and preconfigured, frequently used analysis routines, relevant algorithms, and datasets. Before you can begin using Atmosphere, you must have a CyVerse account and be granted access to Atmosphere.

screenshot of application

Key Features

  • Access virtual machine images preconfigured with an operating system and software to help you do scientific computations in domain-specific tasks

  • Find and use tools with the intuitive self-service portal

  • Easily manage virtual machines

  • Publish your own software suites, create your own work environments, and run the software for community use

  • Access your data in the Data Store, including high-performance computing (HPC) and grid computing environments

  • Integrate with existing infrastructure components using API services

  • Easily generate and manage statistical reporting of user resources for total CPU hours and memory usages, total instances and applications launched by user, cloud monitoring, and on-demand intelligence resource allocation

Within Atmosphere, you launch an instance (a launched image of a virtual machine), selecting from the list of available images (a template of a virtual machine containing an installed operating system, software, and configuration). Though not required, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with Linux command-line, as some actions require some degree of knowledge of the command-line interface.