Webinar: Get the Lay of the Land with the Terrain API for Programmatic Access to CyVerse's Backend Services

Friday, October 9, 2020 | Virtual

10am Pacific | 11am Mountain | 12pm Central | 1pm Eastern


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About the Webinar

If you find yourself doing repetitive tasks in the Discovery Environment (upload data, launch analysis, upload new data, launch analysis, etc.), then join us to learn about the Terrain API (Application Programming Interface) and get the lay the land on how to programmatically access CyVerse's backend services that can make your work easier.

The Terrain web API is what the CyVerse Discovery Environment (DE) uses to perform all of its tasks. Researchers with basic command line experience can save a lot of time and effort by writing simple scripts to use the Terrain API to automate repetitive and other tasks in the DE. CyVerse Software Engineer Sarah Roberts, who with the Core Software team wrote the initial code for Terrain, will cover API basics and demonstrate a few Python scripts that access a great HTTP request library to do common tasks in the DE. Webinar attendees who know or want to understand how to use an HTTP API (e.g., using command-line interface programs such as curl or jq) can learn how to harness the power of the Terrain API to automate elements of their research workflows in the Discovery Environment for more efficient research task execution.

What You'll Learn

  • how to access the Terrain API
  • what CyVerse backend services you can access using Terrain API
  • some great Python HTTP request library resources

User Skill Level

  • Intermediate (ability to use command-line programs, e.g., curl or jq)


About the Presenter

srobertsSarah Roberts is a Software Engineer at CyVerse and is the go-to developer for not only her deep knowledge and experience in writing good code, but because she can fix anything! Sarah joined CyVerse in 2010 as a key member of the Core Software team and more recently, was instrumental in resolving the myriad technical details for the installation of CyVerse Austria by Graz University of Technology in 2019. When she's not writing code or fixing bugs, Sarah plays guitar with her band and in the pre-Covid era, could be found amidst the swarm of colleagues noshing on her addictively spicy fresh salsa and chips.