Webinar: Leverage CyVerse's Terrain API, Data and Apps to Build a Custom Web Application

Michelle Webinar


11 a.m., April 29, 2022


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About the Webinar

Do you have data that you and your collaborators would like to analyze, but need a more customized workflow due to constraints or specifications of your team, research institution, funders' requirements, or publication goals? If so, please join us for Michelle Yung's presentation on how to leverage CyVerse's Terrain API, data, and open source apps to build a custom web application that integrates with, and also streamlines, any sort of workflow/analysis built in CyVerse. As part of her work with the UArizona's Superfund Research Program, Michelle has created a unique web application for Superfund researchers to use to ensure their data outputs and analyses meet the FAIR data goals with the 10 other Program centers around the country. Come learn how she built it so that you can build your own web application for your (eternally grateful) research team!

What You'll Learn

  • How to build a data pipeline with your CyVerse data 
  • How to use the Terrain API to build a custom web app that integrates your data pipeline

About the Presenter

Michelle young

Michelle Yung currently is an Applications Developer for the UArizona's Data Science Institute and works in Data Management and Analysis Core (DMAC) of the UArizona's Superfund Research Program. The Program supports studies on the effects of mine tailings and arsenic on the surrounding environment and Michelle works closely with Superfund researchers to develop data pipelines and applications and to improve their data processes and management. 

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