Webinar: VIBRANT: Automated Recovery and Annotation of Microbial Viruses from Genomic Sequences

February 28, 2020 | Virtual

10am Pacific | 11am Mountain | 12noon Central | 1pm Eastern



Webinar Video


About the Webinar:

Viruses that infect bacteria and archaea are central components in the microbial communities of both natural and human environments. If you have metagenomic assemblies or isolated genomic sequence data, and want to know how viruses may play a role in your research data, you should know about VIBRANT, a computational tool that uses sequencing data to identify, curate, annotate and estimate the quality of these viral sequences and can predict both free and integrated viruses. In this webinar, University of Wisconsin's Kristopher Kieft will give a baseline overview of the role viruses may play in biogeochemical cycling of nutrients during infections and will demonstrate how you can run VIBRANT on CyVerse, interpret the results and implement the analysis of viruses into your current genomics pipelines.

About the Presenter:

Kristopher KieftKristopher Kieft is a PhD candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he uses bioinformatic approaches to investigate the role of microbial viruses in modulating biogeochemical cycling of nutrients. His research interests are focused on the ability of viruses to manipulate their host’s metabolic framework during infection by encoding functional metabolic genes. As the developer of the tool VIBRANT, Kristopher hopes that the inclusion of viruses into our interpretations of microbial community structure and function will lead to new and exciting avenues of research.