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Webinar: Single-Cell RNA-Seq Analysis Using a Seurat-based R App in CyVerse

Friday, January 28, 2022 | Virtual

8 am PST ♦ 9am MST ♦ 10am CST ♦ 11am EST


Webinar Materials

Ruchika's Slides

Tutorial: Launching Seurat-based R App in CyVerse


About the Webinar

If you've been looking to explore your sequencing data beyond the bulk expression profiles for a subset of cells, single-cell RNA-Seq analysis can help you identify cellular subpopulations at the single-cell level within a heterogeneous sample. In this webinar, Ruchika Bhat will demonstrate single-cell analysis using an R package named "Seurat" on a specifically designed Rstudio app built on CyVerse. To get you started, she will give a short demo and offer helpful information such as what single-cell data is, how to upload/download your data or use freely available datasets on web portals such as Seurat and GEOs, how to do Quality Control on single-cell data, how to map reads with genome and how to make a count matrix, and post-QC analysis such as cell type labeling, visualization, and finding differential gene expression profiles. Anyone who wants to use single-cell RNA sequencing as a part of their research and has limited bioinformatics knowledge or technical skills will benefit from Ruchika's presentation. Please join us! (Note: this webinar is 2 hours earlier than usual.)

What You'll Learn

  • What single-cell data is
  • How to upload your data to CyVerse and what public single-cell datasets are available in CyVerse
  • How to clean your data, how to map reads, when to use which parameters for your analysis, post-QC analysis of single-cell RNA data
  • How to find and launch the Seurat-based Rstudio app in CyVerse 

About the Presenter

Ruchika Bhat, PhDRuchika Bhat received her PhD in Computational Biology from IIT Delhi. She joined the Nikolich Lab at the University of Arizona in March 2020 as a postdoctoral research associate and is working remotely from India. Her work includes applications of bioinformatics in the area of comparative RNA-Seq analysis on mouse model aging and immunobiology. When not juggling her research with her Arizona colleagues in the middle of the night in India, she loves cooking, writing poems, painting, reading books and meditating during her leisure time.