DNA Subway Purple Line

Metabarcoding and Microbiomes in the Classroom: QIIME2 with DNA Subway

February 26, 2020 | Virtual

9am PST | 10am MST | 11am CST | 12pm EST

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About this Webinar

Research into microbial diversity and microbiomes has transformed the way we understand the environment, agriculture, and human health. Now, DNA Subway makes it easier to explore this unseen diversity in the classroom using the latest research tools. The newest release of DNA Subway Purple Line is a streamlined, classroom-friendly version of the popular QIIME2 microbiome bioinformatics software. This one-hour webinar will cover Purple Line basics and will get you started with Purple Line in the classroom, with integration into course-based research (CUREs).


About the Presenter

Jason Williams is CyVerse's Training Lead and Assistant Director Jason Williamsof External Collaborations at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL). With a background in plant phylogenetics and systematics, molecular genetics, and cancer research, Williams leads CyVerse's education and training efforts, delivering national and international workshops on CyVerse platforms as well as organizing and orchestrating CyVerse webinars and training events across the U.S. Additionally, he is a certified instructor with The Carpentries, a non-profit community that teaches foundational coding and data science skills to researchers worldwide. At CSHL's DNA Learning Center (DNALC), Williams develops and delivers hands-on genetics education to middle, high-school, and college students and teachers, with a specialty in bioinformatics. He has also worked on expanding DNALC programs in China. Williams is a 2020 Kavli Frontiers of Science Fellow, and a recent winner of the National Science Foundation's 2026 Idea Machine Competition.