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Webinar: Building Your Favorite Software and Environments in the VICE Workbench


About the Webinar:

Want to work with and share your favorite analyses in RStudio, Shiny apps, or Jupyter Notebooks in the cloud? CyVerse VICE (Visual Interactive Compute Environment) is what you've been looking for! In this focused, 30-minute webinar, CyVerse Scientific Analyst Tyson Swetnam will show you how to access common platforms like RStudio and Jupyter, how to use CyVerse resources to build your own favorite packages and tools, and how to bring your new containers to the VICE workbench. By using these CyVerse resources, you and your collaborators can easily expand the scale of computation and share reproducible scientific analyses and results with your community.

Slides and Helpful Links:

Tyson's interactive slides

Example Docker for a VICE app (shared by W. Decatur)

About the Presenter:

T SwetnamTyson Swetnam is a Research Assistant Professor of Geoinformatics at the University of Arizona BIO5 Institute. He works on spatial data cyberinfrastructure for CyVerse and collaborates on a diverse group of data science-oriented projects in the life and earth sciences. He is the lead trainer for CyVerse Container Camp, Foundational Open Science Skills, and a volunteer instructor and lessons maintainer for The Carpentries (Data and Software).