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Webinar: Track Changes to Your Data Store with the DataWatch API

April 02, 2021 | Virtual

10 am Pacific | 11 am Mountain | 12 noon Central | 1 pm Eastern (DST)


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About the Webinar

Automating your research tasks for greater efficiency in CyVerse just got easier! Join us for a technology preview of DataWatch, an API (Application Programming Interface) that you can use to trigger code or run a workflow at specified "data events" like when a specific data file uploads or when analysis results are returned to the Data Store. DataWatch enables email notifications at pre-specified data events and will work in concert with event-driven webhooks to utilities or URLs. CyVerse users with some command-line skills can  employ DataWatch to automate tasks instead of triggering them manually or writing cron jobs to get their work done more efficiently.

What You'll Learn

  • What the DataWatch API is and does
  • How DataWatch can increase efficiency in automating your workflows
  • When DataWatch will be available to use

Suggested Level of Expertise

  • Experience with Command-Line
  • Experience with using APIs


About the Presenter

Sean Davey imageSean Davey earned his Masters in Computer Science from the University of Arizona. He has done software development in proteomics and genomics at the University of Arizona for biomedical and plant sciences projects. He developed and continues to work on GEISHA (Gallus Expression in Situ Hybridization Analysis), Bird Base, and the Chicken Gene Nomenclature Consortium. He joined the CyVerse team last year and works to improve our backend technologies with our Cloud Native Services team.