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Tyson L. Swetnam

Ph.D. Science Informatician, CyVerse Research Associate, BIO5 Institute, The University of Arizona

AddressTyson Swetnam

BioScience Research Laboratories, 214
1230 N. Cherry Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85721


(520) 621-4013




Ph.D. in Watershed Management, minor in Spatial Analysis & Remote Sensing, University of Arizona
M.S. in Watershed Management, University of Arizona
B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona


See Google Scholar Profile and GitHub Profile.

Roles and Research Interests

My primary responsibilities at CyVerse involve the deployment of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) for life science and agricultural research. I also work closely with the NSF Critical Zone Observatory Network, OpenTopography, and XSEDEdeploying scalable GIS applications running on CyVerse resources. In the past I collaborated with numerous state and federal agencies on geospatial research projects and am always on the lookout for new collaborations in both the public and private sector.

My recent research areas focused on geomorphology and biogeochemical cycling. Earlier in my career I worked on ecological research with the Laboratory of Tree Ring Research. My post-doctoral research involved collaborations with the University of Utah, the Agricultural Research Service Southwest Watershed Research Center, the Arizona Remote Sensing Center, and Santa Rita Experimental Range. I am a member of AGU, and AFE.

I coach the UA’s collegiate men’s rugby team and act as faculty advisor to both the men’s and women’s programs.   

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