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iRODS Container Storage Interface (CSI) Driver

August, 19, 2020 | Online

4:00pm – 5:00pm

TRiRODS is a local meetup for iRODS users and developers in the RDU area. TRiRODS works to build a strong sense of community, to offer a space for collaboration and sharing of individual implementations of iRODS, and to further the work on a hardened version of the code.

The iRODS Container Storage Interface (CSI) Driver implements the CSI Specification to provide iRODS access to Kubernetes. This allows iRODS to be used as a shared and permanent storage for Kubernetes apps. Illyoung ChoiThe iRODS CSI Driver mounts iRODS collections on directory hierarchies in Kubernetes apps by using iRODS clients (iRODS FUSE, NFS client and Davfs2) automatically. Therefore, Kubernetes apps can access data in iRODS without manual data staging or iRODS clients manipulation. This talk covers i) what’s CSI Driver, ii) how the iRODS CSI Driver works, iii) how to use the driver (demo), iv) tips for driver configuration and v) future development plan.

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Illyoung Choi is a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at the University of Arizona and works for CyVerse as a research assistant. He previously developed iRODS FUSE client (4.x).