Webinar: Building Your Favorite Software and Environments in the VICE Workbench

VICE--the "baddest" habit you'll ever need for reproducible analyses!  Learn to use CyVerse's Visual Interactive Compute Environment to easily expand the scale of computation and share reproducible scientific analyses and results with your community.

Webinar: Using VICE DESeq2 for RNA-Seq Differential Expression Analysis

Friday, November 8

Are you interested in doing RNA-Seq differential expression analyses? Learn how you can easily launch RStudio, have quick access to your Data Store files, and interact with your analyses on the fly.

Webinar: Writing and Sharing Computational Analyses in Jupyter Notebooks

Friday, October 25

Join us for an overview of how to organize notebooks, setup a reproducible and reusable compute environment, and share and explain your research, using CyVerse resources.

Webinar: Git for Mere Mortals

Friday, October 11

This webinar will present best practices and helpful hints on using Git to ensure efficient handling of your teams' code and files so that you can create, merge, or delete code with confidence.

Foundational Open Science Skills: Practical Data and Software Skills for Reproducible Research

Wed, Oct 02 | University of Arkansas

Working with “Big data” is challenging for most researchers. These workshops introduce free open-source approaches that reduce these challenges and deliver research that is more impactful, open, and reproducible. Technologies covered feature solutions developed by publicly funded cyberinfrastructure.