BisQue Image Analysis

BisQue: ViQi

A platform for analyzing, exchanging, and exploring images.



BisQue (Bio-Image Semantic Query User Environment) is a sophisticated image analysis platform to store, visualize, organize, and analyze images. BisQue supports image data from any domain and offers imaging services from capture and querying to analysis and intensive training of machine learning models. Integrated with CyVerse’s authentication system, Data Store, and computational infrastructure, BisQue allows seamless scalability and ready access to numerous downstream analysis options.

BisQue is developed at the Center for Bio-Image Informatics, University of California, Santa Barbara.

To use BisQue, you must have a CyVerse account and be granted access to BisQue.

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Getting Started

Key Features

  • Add metadata to images via textual and graphical annotations

  • Supports more than 100 image formats

  • Handles up to very large 5D images

  • Extensible - integrate existing applications or create new ones

  • Use high-level semantic queries to compare image content




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