Beneath Our Feet

April 22, 2021 | Virtual

6:00PM PDT

CyVerse collaborator and University of Arizona hydrologist Laura Condon presents during UArizona's 16th annual College of Science Lecture Series. Distinguished faculty will take the audience on a journey through water, its history and its future. From the comfort of your home, you can watch the virtual premieres of lectures on the cosmic origins of water, the essential role of the Colorado River in the arid Southwestern United States today, and the next great challenges of water for future generations. These lectures will lay the foundations for understanding the water all around us, from the ocean to the groundwater beneath the surface.

Groundwater is by far the largest un-frozen freshwater resource on the planet. Yet, it is often overlooked, overused, or misunderstood. In this talk, we will explore how the water beneath our feet supports ecosystems and human systems alike and the role that it has to play in our future.

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