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Webinar: Orange's Advanced Capabilities for Text Mining and Image Analytics 

Friday, October 23, 2020 | Virtual

10am Pacific | 11am Mountain | 12pm Central | 1pm Eastern


Webinar Materials


Orange Docker Container in CyVerse (p/w: orange)

About this Webinar

Last spring we ended our webinars with "A Taste of Orange," an introduction to some of the basic features of this easy-to-use software program for image analysis and machine learning. In this follow-up webinar, learn about some of Orange's more advanced capabilities.

This webinar builds on some of the basics covered in Dr. Vitali's previous webinar, and focuses on the text mining and image analytics of Orange add-ons. Learn how to preprocess text, tweets, and scientific publications, and also how to cluster similar images using neural networks, which will help you analyze unstructured and high-dimensional data such as sequences, expressions, texts, and images and may also provide insights into biological processes at the genomics level. The material requires some familiarity with the Orange software, so please review our previous webinar's videorecording of A Taste of Orange; to follow along during the webinar, use your CyVerse account to access the same Docker container Dr. Vitali will use.

What You'll Learn

  • How to preprocess text, tweets, and scientific publications
  • How to cluster similar images using neural networks

User Skill Level

  • Basic - Intermediate 


About the Presenter

FVitaliDr. Francesca Vitali is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona in Dr. Roberta Brinton's group and is on the faculty of the Center for Innovation in Brain Science. She received her PhD in Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering from the University of Pavia, Italy. Her postdoctoral research under the mentorship of Prof. Riccardo Bellazzi involved developing methods to fuse biomedical and genomic data to investigate therapies for complex diseases.

Currently, Dr. Vitali's main research interests are in bioinformatics, artificial intelligence and big data analysis techniques, with applications in drug repurposing and automated biomedical image classification for precision medicine. During her career, Dr. Vitali not only developed strong programming experience with different languages and solid knowledge of data mining, statistics, and data integration techniques, she became very efficient in working in multi-disciplinary collaborative teams. A highly experienced trainer in teaching both researchers and students in how to use Orange, Dr. Vitali's expertise will help you incorporate this incredibly intuitive tool in your research practice.