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Webinar: CyVerse's CACAO: A Sweeter Way to Manage Your Cloud Resources

Friday, November 17, 2023 | Virtual

10am Pacific ♦ 11am Mountain ♦ 12noon Central ♦ 1pm Eastern  


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About the webinar

Break free from the complexity of cloud resource management! With data and analyses now stored across multiple cloud servers, volumes, and containers, staying organized is a daunting task for anyone. But fear not, CyVerse has got your back!

cacao logoIntroducing CACAO (Cloud Automation & Continuous Analysis Orchestration), an open source web platform that simplifies access to cloud resources on ACCESS Jetstream2, so that you can focus on getting things done. Whether you're a researcher or an educator, CACAO takes your work to the next level with your own on-demand JupyterHub, Kubernetes, or instantly deployable <insert your custom software stack here>.

In this webinar on CACAO, CyVerse's Edwin Skidmore will walk us through what CACAO is, who can access it, and how to get started. Edwin will also demonstrate how to add your own CACAO templates to create and share customized cloud resources, including VMs, workflows, storage, or containers.

Join us to learn a sweeter way to manage all your cloud resources with CACAO!

What you'll learn

  • What CACAO is and does
  • Who can access CACAO
  • How to get started using CACAO to manage your multi-cloud world
  • How to import your own templates

About the presenter

edwin_skidmore_headshotA graduate of the University of Arizona in Computer Science and an MPA, Edwin Skidmore is CyVerse's Director of Infrastructure and leads CyVerse’s Cloud Native Services team to integrate cloud native technologies in CyVerse. Under his leadership, the Cloud Native Services team has already developed a portfolio of products and services that enable researchers to leverage and learn these technologies with minimal technical expertise, including DataWatch, CACAO, and the forthcoming CyVerse Cloud Native Toolkit. Edwin also contributes as senior staff to several of CyVerse's key collaborations with other NSF projects, including Jetstream2, Hydrogen, LIMPID, and COALESCE.