Webinar: RNA-Seq Analysis Using Kallisto in CyVerse

Friday, December 04, 2020 | Virtual

10am Pacific | 11am Mountain | 12noon Central | 1pm Eastern


Webinar Materials


Kallisto Tutorial

Genomics/Genomic File Manipulation Playlist

About the Webinar

RNA-Seq analysis tools continue to evolve with each new generation of genomics technology. In this season finale webinar, CyVerse's Training Lead and all around good guy, Jason Williams, will demonstrate how to use CyVerse to run Kallisto software to do RNA-Seq analysis on your genomics data. Kallisto is one of the fastest and most accurate methods for quantifying transcript abundance and because it uses pseudoalignment of reads, Kallisto preserves the key information needed for fast, accurate quantification. Jason will demonstrate the Kallisto workflow in CyVerse, which greatly simplifies and outperforms the former workflows that made doing RNA-Seq analysis quite challenging. 

What You'll Learn

  • How to find and access Kallisto in the CyVerse Discovery Environment
  • The key steps in doing RNA-Seq analysis from quality-controlling your reads to differential expression and visualization of your results 
  • Understand the relative pros and cons of alignment-based vs. pseudoalignment methods

User Skill Level 

  • Intermediate (some command-line experience will be helpful)


About the Presenter

JWilliamsJason Williams, CyVerse's Training and Outreach Lead, has literally trained tens of thousands of users in bioinformatics, genomics, open science skills, computational infrastructure, and whatever else gets thrown his way. He has been with CyVerse since the original iPlant Collaborative 'era' and has traveled to dozens of US-and international universities and colleges to lead training workshops for CyVerse, The Carpentries, and his home institution, DNA Learning Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY. You may have heard of or seen Jason at Plant and Animal Genome, Plant Biology and other major conferences as his ability to make genomics, computational biology and data science approachable to novice and experts alike are legendary (as is his Instagram on his culinary exploits!). For more on Jason, see this blogpost on his recent accolades or get a true sense of his "special powers" here.