04 Jun, 2020

Refocusing Atmosphere to Support Cloud Native Development

We have refocused the Atmosphere cloud-computing platform to better serve the growing need for container and cloud native development services. Learn what this change means for you.

CyVerse has shifted our Atmosphere cloud-computing platform from a general compute environment to one focused on container and cloud-native development services for U.S.-based researchers.

All Atmosphere users needed to migrate their resources off Atmosphere volumes by the following dates: August 1, 2020 for international users and September 1, 2020 for U.S. users. Please review the Refocusing CyVerse Atmosphere 2020 FAQ to learn about these changes including timelines, alternative services, and what you need to do.

We launched Atmosphere in 2010 when no other cloud-based solution existed for scientists to easily manage virtual machines. Today, commercial and research clouds such as Jetstream fulfill this critical need. In refocusing Atmosphere, our U.S.-based users can access images and tools to develop their container and cloud native projects.

The enthusiastic adoption and support for Atmosphere by our users over the past decade has been gratifying. We look forward to exploring the opportunities brought by this new iteration of our cloud-computing resources.