Focus Forum Webinars

Join us for this series of free, half-hour long, focused webinars to help you do your science using CyVerse's open source resources. Each webinar includes time for follow-up Q&A with data science experts from CyVerse or the community. Video-recordings and other materials (slides, documentation, tutorials, etc.) are posted to the webpage for each webinar. Webinars are also posted our YouTube channel for users' self-paced review at anytime. To suggest a webinar topic, please email

Every Other Friday: 10am Pacific | 11am Mountain | 12pm Central | 1pm Eastern

Webinars - Spring 2020

January 31 Don't Let Your Data Get You Down! (Rescheduled from Nov 22, 2019)
February 14 Fall in love with High Performance Computing at CyVerse
February 28 VIBRANT: Automated recovery and annotation of microbial viruses from genomic sequences
March 13 Get Grounded in TERRA-REF: Hi-Res Sensor Data for Crop Phenomics and More
March 27 Workflow Management Using Snakemake
April 10 PlantCV: A Modular Image Analysis Toolkit for Building Plant Phenotyping Workflows
April 24 Identifying Transcription Factor Binding Sites from ChIP-seq Data
May 8 TBA soon!


Past Webinars

Fall 2019 Webinars  
December 6 Building Your Favorite Software and Environments in the VICE Workbench
November 22 Don't Let Your Data Drag You Down (Rescheduled to Jan 31, 2020)
November 8 Using VICE DESeq2 for RNA Differential Expression Analysis
October 25 Writing and Sharing Computational Analyses in Jupyter Notebooks
October 11 Git for Mere Mortals
September 27 Metagenomic Analysis Using NanoDJ Notebooks
September 13 Genome Assembly Using a NanoDJ Notebook
August 30 RNA-Seq Basics with Oxford Nanopore Technology and CyVerse Tools
Spring 2019 Webinars  
May 17 Scan and Visualize Genomes with PatMatch and Circos in VICE
May 3 Nanopore Sequence Data Analysis in the Discovery Environment Part 2
April 19 Nanopore Sequence Data Analysis in the Discovery Environment Part 1
April 5 Metagenomics in QIIME2 Using Jupyter Notebooks in CyVerse VICE
March 22 Deploying Scalable, Interactive Bioinformatics Analyses via VICE
February 22 Biocontainers Bonanza
February 8 Going Places with Your Containers
January 25 Make Your Life (and Analyses) Easier with Containers