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12 Nov, 2020

Curating, Discovering and Disseminating HPC Research Elements Using iRODS

The Integrated Rule Oriented Data System (iRODS) is an open source initiative that has been developed to manage data from raw instrument readings through publication, solving the challenges of curation and addressing secure collaboration. CyVerse is a key iRODS use case, supporting collaborations of multi-national scientists and researchers.

Many research centers are primarily focused on specific areas of HPC. Today, much of that activity relates to data reduction of sensor and instrumentation data. Too often the tasks of managing data both into and out from the HPC center take a second priority and solutions range from "home grown" software to aging solutions that only track file attributes such as time, date, extensions, and permissions. Unfortunately, these solutions do not scale well in this age of Big Data.

Data librarians currently manage far bigger data libraries and policy decisions regarding retention, quotas, file system performance, etc. require the consensus of those tasked with this challenge of curation. Decisions also have to be made regarding the federation of data sites promoting collaboration. In many instances the results of these policy decisions must be auditable to satisfy funding organizations as well as government entities.

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