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Webinar: All About Apps in CyVerse

October 22, 2021 | Virtual

10 am Pacific ♦ 11 am Mountain ♦ 12 noon Central ♦ 1 pm Eastern (Daylight Time)


Webinar Videorecording


About the Webinar

Are you just not sure which app to use or how to start an analysis? In this webinar presented by CyVerse's Reetu Tuteja and Amanda Cooksey, we'll cover everything (well, almost) about apps (software applications) in CyVerse, from where and how to quickly find the latest versions of apps in the Discovery Environment (DE) to launching, sharing, and troubleshooting apps, with hopefully even a little time on integrating or building your own apps. Reetu and Amanda will highlight Instant Launch and other new features in the DE designed to help streamline your workflow tasks and get you doing the good stuff even faster (i.e., interpreting your results and data discovery). Please join us!

What You'll Learn

  • How to search and find apps
  • How to launch, share, and troubleshoot your app analyses
  • How to get started on building and integrating your own apps

About the Presenters

Reetu Tuteja photoReetu Tuteja is on CyVerse's Science and Training Team and earned her Master’s in bioinformatics from Banasthali University, India, and her PhD in plant sciences and bioinformatics from the National University of Ireland, in Galway. Her research interests include the origination of new genetic material and its role in plant adaptations. To partly explain why she fits in so well at CyVerse, she says she “writes code for fun” and makes awesome contributions to CyVerse potlucks.


Amanda Cooksey photoAmanda Cooksey did her Master's in Cell Biology at Mississippi State University and now does research in plant and animal proteomics and transcriptomics (both mRNA and ncRNA) with her collaborators at the University of Arizona's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. At CyVerse, she integrates new tools and creates new apps for the Discovery Environment, and along with Reetu, does a lot of heavy lifting on user support and documentation (and has the muscles to show for it).