For Developers

We offer a variety of solutions for your software and infrastructure development needs, whether you are looking to use our platforms to power your solutions in the lab or classroom, set up your own website using CyVerse’s extensible infrastructure, or build upon our open source code.

This page offers an overview of ways to interact with our infrastructure for development opportunities.

Using Our Development Platforms

Our goal is to make it easy for you to use our tools or build your own, whether you use web-based or command line programs. Through CyVerse’s open platforms, you can interact with a community of over 30,000 researchers, developers, and educators. In addition, we provide user support for your programs, enabling you to focus on development.

Science APIs: Define your own compute and storage resources so you can integrate resources you already have with those CyVerse provides.

Atmosphere: Create a custom cloud-based scientific analysis platform or use a ready-made one for your area of scientific interest.

Discovery Environment: Use hundreds of bioinformatics apps and manage data in a simple web interface.

BisQue: Store, visualize, organize and analyze images in the cloud.

If you run into challenges or need more in-depth or long-term support, you may want to apply for Extended Collaborative Support.

Using Our Infrastructure

Through Powered by CyVerse, third-party projects can leverage the CyVerse infrastructure — user authentication system, large data storage, and high-performance job execution framework — to provide services to their users.

Powered by CyVerse offers a variety of services. An authentication system provides secure single sign-on between your application and all other CyVerse services. The Data Store allows you to store, share, and distribute large amounts of data. The high-performance job execution framework enables you to execute analyses on High Performance Computing resources.

Using Our Open Source Code

CyVerse open source code is available on GitHub. If you are interested in replicating CyVerse’s infrastructure framework or developing your own similar framework, we provide access to all our infrastructure coding and diagrams. For information on our open source policy, see Open Source Policy.